Emerald Green Homeowner's Association in Warrenville, IL

Local Info

Emerald Green is located in the City of Warrenville. Some resources to learn more about what's going on in town include:


Healthy Living in Warrenville

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Feel your best and live the life you love!

Studies show that two of the things that help keep you healthy are develping a community of support and spending time outdoors. This is easy  in and around Emerald Green.

Spending Time with Community

  • Join the Emerald Green Facebook Group to see what your neighbors are up to - join in the activities and meet your neighbors
  • Looking to lose weight, or feel better? Join the Wellness Warriors - a mostly local group of people that take an online class together and band together to stay healthy. It's easier to live a healthy lifestyle along with your friends and family.

Spending Time Outdoors

Right in Emerald Green, enjoy the grounds, including the pond, river, tennis courts and pool. Traveling just a short distance, Warrenville has parks, and is surrounded my green space at Cantigny, DuPage County Forest Preserve, Fermilab, and a network of Prairie Paths. It's easy to spend time outdoors in Warrenville.

Do Both at Once

Volunteer with the Forest Preserve. There are programs to monitor wild life, patrol the trails, help at events and MORE! 




Recycling & Garbage Collection

Local Recycling Info

Reduce --- Reuse -- Recycle 

Recycling events (extravaganzas) that collect electonics,computers, gym shoes, books, bikes, scrap metal and MORE are hosted by local communities. Subscribe to Warrenville.info to get reminders of upcoming recycling events

Ongoing, you may have some stuff to get rid of without filling the landfill. Some websites to help:

  • SCARCE - The SCARCE Staff has a wealth of recycling information specific to DuPage county. The SCARCE location in Glen Ellyn accepts any books, cell phones, ink jets, crayons, and any other office supplies, games or equipment,  called "tools for schools"( items appropriate for teachers to re-use in schools). Teachers select items for their classrooms from the donations that are made. Please call 630-545-9710 to schedule a drop-off. (School and Community Assistance for Recycling & Composting Education).
  • freecycle.org Join Warrenville Chapter - Freecycle is a message board where you can offer "stuff" you don't want for free - or get stuff you need.  This is a way to get rid of unusual items, that you don't need anymore, but are too good for the landfill.
  • Dupage County Recycling & Energy info.
  • Discoveries Resale Shop & Furniture Annex - located in the shopping center at 59 and Batavia takes most clothes and houshold items. It is run by Outreach Community Ministries.
  • flylady.net - Motivation to get rid of your junk to reduce CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

Emerald Green Garbage Collection

The Emerald Green Villas and Condos have separate Waste removal contracts. Both collect on Thursdays.

Villas Garbage Collection

Condos Garbage Collection

Election Information

Emerald Green is split between Wards 2 and ward 4 in the City of Warrenville. See the Ward Map to find your ward. Any time there is an election, you can see your sample ballot before you go to the polling place by using the "Search by Address" option. Find detailed instructions on warrenville.info (or subscribe to get a reminder email before each election).

Resources to Find Your Representatives and Voting Information

Read more: Election Information