Emerald Green Homeowner's Association in Warrenville, IL

Local Info

Emerald Green is located in the City of Warrenville. Some resources to learn more about what's going on in town include:


Healthy Living in Warrenville

family runnng

Feel your best and live the life you love!

Studies show that two of the things that help keep you healthy are develping a community of support and spending time outdoors. This is easy  in and around Emerald Green.

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Recycling & Garbage Collection

Local Recycling Info

Reduce --- Reuse -- Recycle 

Recycling events (extravaganzas) that collect electonics,computers, gym shoes, books, bikes, scrap metal and MORE are hosted by local communities. Subscribe to Warrenville.info to get reminders of upcoming recycling events

Ongoing, you may have some stuff to get rid of without filling the landfill. Some websites to help:

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Election Information

Emerald Green is split between Wards 2 and ward 4 in the City of Warrenville. See the Ward Map to find your ward. Any time there is an election, you can see your sample ballot before you go to the polling place by using the "Search by Address" option. Find detailed instructions on warrenville.info (or subscribe to get a reminder email before each election).

Resources to Find Your Representatives and Voting Information

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